Full Height Plantation ShuttersFull Height Shutters, create a feature of your window and cover the full height. Our Full height plantation shutters are our best selling shutters.

With a full height shutter, your window is completely covered, top to bottom. They are a great option. The transformation is stunning and can really change the look of any home from inside and outside.Full Height Plantation ShuttersFull height shutters are one of the most popular styles of plantation shutters. They cover the full height of the window in order to offer a high level of privacy and light control. As well as being highly functional, this type of wooden shutters is also aesthetically pleasing. They bring symmetry and sophistication to windows in all kinds of properties. Whether your home or workplace is traditional or contemporary in its build and design, you can rest-assured that full height shutters will look right at home.

For both practical and aesthetic reasons, it’s often a good idea to fit a mid rail. A mid rail makes for a stronger shutter (which can reduce the risk of warping occurring) and add versatility due to the fact that it enables upper and lower shutter slats to be opened independently. What’s more, when the mid rail is in line with the mid frame of the window underneath, it gives a very clean finish that keeps unsightly handles out of view. When you’re looking for wooden shutters that cover the entire window height, look no further than full height shutters. Stunning shutters that offer plenty of versatility, you can be sure that they can complete any room within your property.

Here are a sample of the woods we stock, just click here for more Plantation Shutter options.