Slat Options

The Beautiful Shutter Company louvres are available in a variety of five different slat sizes

  1. 47mm
  2. 63mm
  3. 76mm
  4. 89mm
  5. 114mm

It’s worth bearing in mind that the width needs to reflect the proportions of both the window and the room so wider louvres work best on larger windows in larger rooms. They also tend to give a more contemporary look and will let in more light and give a better view. Our 76mm slat is the most popular due to it’s versatility in the majority of room sizes.

SHUTTER LOUVRE SIZES OUR SHUTTERS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES Half Round Sunburst, Elongated Eyebrow Sunburst, Eyebrow Sunburst, Quarter Round, Circle, Triangle, Hexagon, Octagon and Our shutters are tailor made to your individual taste and requirements.

TILT OPTION The tilt rod generally runs down the centre of the shutter panel and is used to move the louvre. It can be offset though to one side of the panel to give a cleaner look. Or you can opt for our Easy Tilt option which gives a completely uninterrupted view of the shutter and is used mostly in tracked shutters across a large window or door. Simply lift or lower one of the louvres with your fingertip and the rest will follow suit.