Custom Shaped ShuttersSpecial Shaped Plantation Shutters – are custom made bespoke shapes that are designed to fit perfectly in any window. Let us tailor a perfectly balanced solution for you.

It’s a fact that not all windows & doors are standard shapes or sizes. They can be arched, angled, circular, triangular and even the shape of an octagon or trapezoid.

Uniquely shaped windows can look wonderfully unconventional, however, they can make buying window coverings a difficult task. Many property owners who are looking for coverings for their unusually shaped windows choose to invest in made to measure shutters that are designed to fit any window. Custom-made special shape shutters provide a practical yet stylish solution for even the most difficult windows. Shutters can be produced to practically any shape that’s required.

Whether the window you want to dress is arched, circular, triangular or another shape altogether, you can relax in the knowledge that bespoke shutters are achievable. They will provide privacy, security and allow you control the amount of light that enters a room, made to measure shutters can also completely improve the aesthetics of a room.