The Beautiful Shutter Company create tailored Plantation Shutters for a look that is timeless & elegant.
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Choose Plantation Shutters to Transform your Home

Stylish, Elegant available in a range of irresistible colour’s and finishes it is time to transform your windows or doors with our signature Plantation Shutters. In a range of different styles, colours and materials that will blend into your home interior & architecture. 

Create a feature of your windows and control the light to suit your mood with a simple adjustment of the louvres when privacy is required. They’re both stylish and practical keeping your room warm in the winter & cool in the summer.

Plantation Shutters make your property look beautiful from the inside and outside what is more, they may increase the intrinsic value of your house as they are long lasting.

Plantation Shutters

View our Plantation Shutter Material Guide to find out more about the Soft Woods, Hardwood, Man Made Wood & Composite waterproof options.Shutter Style

Full Height Plantation Shutters, cover the full height of your window. Full height plantation shutters are our best selling Shutters. With a full height Shutter, your window is completely covered, top to bottom.

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters, gives you independent top and bottom panels which can be opened individually. With tier on tier Plantation Shutters the shutter panels covering your window are split into a top tier and a bottom tier a great choice for sash windows and bay windows.

Café Style Plantation Shutters, are half height Shutters, which leave the top of your windows un-shuttered. Usually this style of shutter stop in line with a natural break in the window at half or three quarter’s height. Creating a classic and chic feel letting lots of light in.

Special Shaped Plantation Shutters, These type of shutters are custom made special shapes that are designed to fit perfectly in any window. A perfect and beautiful solution for shaped windows and openings.

Solid Style Plantation Shutters, These shutters have been used in the UK for over 200 years and provide a more traditional secure finish to window coverings. The added benefits to this type of Plantation Shutter is that they blackout light and reduce noise.

Sliding Tracked Plantation Shutters, This option is for larger openings such as doors and very wide windows. As hinges will only carry a certain amount of weight. The shutters are placed on a track system which glides effortlessly from side to side.

We have a beautiful selection of options for your Plantation Shutters for you to see…