Solid Plantation Shutters

Solid Style ShuttersThese shutters have been used in the UK for over 200 years and provide a more traditional finish to window coverings. The added benefit to this type of window shutter is that they give a near blackout to the window & they provide high levels of noise reduction.

More and more property owners are choosing to invest in solid panel shutters. This type of wooden shutters has been used in the UK for over 200 years and was first made popular in the Victorian era. Solid panel shutters come with plenty of plus points that make them a great choice for either traditional or contemporary properties. Solid panel window shutters can help to achieve total blackout in a room (making them ideal for bedrooms) as well as a high level of privacy and security. What’s more, they also create an extra barrier against noise and weather. Unsurprisingly then, solid panel shutters are particularly popular in homes near to busy roads.

There are almost endless practical benefits to solid panel wooden shutters, however, it’s the aesthetic benefits that attract many property owners. They offer a stylish and elegant option for your window coverings. Beautiful and very decorative, they are undeniably attractive. However the beauty of solid panel shutters lies not only in their look but in their simplicity. With no louvres to operate, the solid panels can be opened or closed in order to let in light or block it out. This is in comparison to the mix of light and privacy options that the other shutter styles provide.

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