Tier on Tier Plantation ShuttersTier On Tier Shutters, give you independent top and bottom panels which can be opened individually. With tier on tier plantation shutters the shutter panels covering your window are split into a top tier and a bottom tier.

You can create the perfect balance of light and privacy in your room. Tier on tier plantation shutters are a great choice for sash windows and bay windows. Tier on tier shutters cover the whole of a window and are split into upper and lower panels. The upper section of the shutters can be opened and folded back whilst the bottom can be closed to provide privacy. Top tier panels can swing open separately from the lower panels.Tier on Tier Plantation ShuttersThis allows a choice of either complete privacy or a level of light to enter the room through the top window. Tier on tier wooden shutters are are as stylish as they are functional and this makes them a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary properties. As well as providing an enormous amount of light control and a range of privacy options, tier on tier window shutters can be tailored to suit every imaginable décor.

Tier on tier shutters are ideal for overlooked rooms within the home or workplace that lack natural light. You can keep the lower tier of the shutters closed the top tier open to allow light into the room whilst retaining a good amount of privacy. There’s not a more stylish choice of window covering than tier on tier shutters, which is exactly why architects and interior design experts frequently use them to show off rooms to their very best. With a wide choice of colours and stain options on offer, you can rest-assured that this style of wooden window shutters will look stunning in your property.

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